“Beautiful! I could hear that you carry home in your heart,
and it made me really miss home”

- Tanya Tagaq, 2014 Polaris Music Prize Winner

Kathleen Ivaluarjuk Merritt also known as IVA (ee-vah) will take you on a journey through the Arctic with vocal interpretations of the wind, birds, landscape and sea. Iva is a throat-singer, poet, writer and collaborator from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. She has performed alongside several musicians, DJs and throat-singers including Tanya Tagaq, Susan Aglukark, Owen Pallet, DJ Spooky, Mike Stevens and the NAC Orchestra among others.

IVA performs a melodic mix of Inuit throat singing and poetry infused with Celtic-influenced folk. Her debut album Ivaluarjuk: Ice, Lines & Sealskin was released in July 2015. It celebrates life and identity; bridging sounds from both her Inuit and Irish roots. 

The music reaches a wide-range of sounds, crossing multiple genres that come together charmingly to transport audiences to the coasts of Cape Breton and Nunavut. Her music also features throatsinging in a way that has never been touched, by using a loop-peddle to create harmonies in the melodies, and 3-way throat-songs.

IVAs performance is often described as both beautiful and memorizing. She connects with her audience, and teaches them how to throat sing. IVA easily will get a room of a few hundred people throatsinging along with her. It’s quite magical!

When she is home in Nunavut, IVA works in schools and music programs to teach throatsinging and facilitate workshops that encourage youth to create and collaborate, and build on their skills and confidence through music, art and identity.


Canadian Bookings -  aakulukmusic@gmail.com