The Jerry Cans create music inspired by their hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut, and life in the Canadian Arctic. With a unique mix traditional Inuit throat singing and folk-rock sung in the Indigenous language of Inuktitut, The Jerry Cans are a distinctly Northern sound. The band is passionate about helping to preserve the Inuktitut language and are committed to challenging common misconceptions about life in the North. Their reputation for infectious, high-energy performances has audiences across the globe catching catch a glimpse of life in Arctic.

Formed in Igloolik, Nunavut in 1984, Northern Haze created North America’s first Indigenous-language record when they released their original LP in 1985. They gained local notoriety and national attention for their solid rock riffs and Inuktitut lyrics, performing across Canada as well as most often in the Northern communities they knew so well. After the deaths of Kolitalik Inukshuk and Elijah Kunnuk in 2007, Northern Haze’s remaining members - Naisana Qamaniq, James Ungalaq, and John Inooya - recorded new material in 2009 and 2010 with additional bass player, Derek Aqqiaruq. The Nunavut rockers released Sinnaktuq in 2012, which includes all their original recordings, plus their newer songs, which will be re-released digitally this year.

The Trade-Offs’ iconic brand of Arctic Soul is distinguished by a deep brooding voice set against a rock and roll and blues sound echoing from the depths of the Northern tundra. 

The band includes front men Joshua Qaumariaq and Jeff Maurice supported by various musicians, including many Iqaluit-based performers. Their blend of Inuktitut and English songs sing the Arctic blues about universal themes of light and darkness and closeness and isolation. While the Trade-Offs are staples of the Iqaluit music scene, they have played all over Canada on big and small stages including mainstage performances at major festivals. 

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Riit (Rita Claire Mike-Murphy) was raised in Panniqtuq, Nunavut and has begun to make a name for herself across the North with her unique voice. She is part of the youth music movement in Nunavut and has shared the stage with some of the top Inuit artists including Twin Flames, Elisapee Isaac, and The Jerry Cans. Riit is currently recording her first EP expected for release in February 2017.